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Sustainability integrated into our business

Sustainable enterprises are those whose corporate strategies and policies include particular focus on the needs of all their stakeholders and which monitor and optimise their economic, social and environmental impact. Sustainability is part of the DNA of our Group, whose roots are embedded in the aspect of cooperation, and we are convinced that adopting social and environmental responsibility criteria in the real estate sector is the path to healthy and long- lasting growth, faraway from speculative factors. Over the years we have therefore built up a structured process which has enabled us to increasingly integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business.

In the future IGD will be increasingly respectful of the environment, open to dialogue with its stakeholders, innovative.

Our shopping centres are, and will be even more so, a point of reference in the local area.

key figures as at 31 december 2017

centers UNIENISO14001 certified
employees benefitted from the welfare plan
events carried out in IGD centers
people employed in total in IGD centers

Our approach

We are following a sustainable growth approach, where economic-financial aspects are increasingly integrated with social-environmental ones.

  • We already started to include sustainability issues in corporate planning in the 2014-2016 Business Plan. This approach was then consolidated in the 2015-2018 Business Plan, where social responsibility is considered as one of the four cornerstones that are strategic for the company’s business, with 10 million euros being earmarked for projects aimed at reaching sustainability targets.
  • When the Business Plan was updated for the years 2016-2018, IGD set itself the objective of confirming the Company as a leader in shopping centre ownership and management, continuing its process of sustainable growth. With the current Plan in force, social and environmental responsibility has become fully integrated, with an all-round approach, into business management.

Our process involves a structured engagement of our stakeholders. In particular, we carry out periodic surveys to understand the level of satisfaction of our visitors, of our retailers in our centres, and also of our employees by means of internal atmosphere assessments.

Three corporate bodies are involved in social responsibility:

  • The Board of Directors
  • The Operating Management (top management)
  • The Sustainability Committee (internal work group)




Our priorities



We have established an operational process with continuous  consumption monitoring activities, structural actions for energy efficiency improvement and activities to raise awareness in our stakeholders, with the aim to improve environmental performance in our shopping centres.

In detail
  • Climate change
  • Accessibility and mobility


We continuously place more and more attention on the wellbeing and health, both of our employees and of those that visit our shopping centres on a daily basis.

  • Good employment
  • Gender equality
  • Health and safety


We undertake to comply with the highest ethical-social and governance standards, not only by complying with the laws in our daily business and promoting compliance with the law within our stakeholders, but also by adopting international best practices in our governance structure, communications and risk management system.

  • Governance, ethics and corruption


Our approach aims to ensure our shopping centres are constantly attractive, as well as to confirm their social role and their function as a place in which to meet up and to spend some leisure time.

  • Trend analysis
  • Enhancement of the portfolio
  • Retail offer
  • Spaces to be lived in
  • Innovation


We continuously work together with a variety of stakeholders, our aim being to understand their needs and expectations.

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Local community

Certifications and recognitions

Our sustainability practices are becoming increasingly recognised at national and international level.

  • We are particularly proud to have received in 2017, for the third year running, the “EPRA sBPR Gold Award” for our sustainability report.
  • As at 31 December 2017, 14 of our shopping centres had obtained UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification and we intend to reach 90% in 2018.
  • In September 2016 we obtained the Legality Rating from the Antitrust Authority (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato – AGCM), with the maximum score of three stars.
  • Lastly, we would like to mention that in 2016 Sarca Shopping Centre in Milan obtained BREEAM environmental certification, which is one of the most important international standards with regard to the environmental sustainability of buildings and which focuses particularly on the overall improvement in the wellbeing of those that spend time there. The centre, which had already been ISO certified, was the first in Italy to obtain both certifications.
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Francesco Soldi / Head of marketing and CSR / sustainability@gruppoigd.it