Law n. 179 of 30 November 2017 and Legislative Decree n. 231 of 2001

The new law governing whistleblowing updates Law 231 and introduces protection for individuals who voluntarily report illicit acts.  The purpose of the law is to protect employees who report any illicit acts or violations of the Code of Ethics and the Model for Organization and Management they became aware of in the course of their work. Based on the law, the party who reports on the illicit acts should be protected and remain anonymous in order to avoid any possible repercussions and discrimination.  One or more channels should be established for reporting on the incidents constituting crimes or illicit acts.  These channels must guarantee the anonymity of the party making the report.


IGD’s reply

IGD has taken the steps needed to comply with the law and has established the following reporting channel:

  • via e-mail through the following link: the email will be viewed only by members of the Supervisory Board.


Prohibition of any forms of retaliation

All the organizational units in IGD and its subsidiaries who receive and process the reports guarantee maximum confidentiality, as well as the anonymity of the reporting parties.

All acts of retaliation and any form of discrimination harming the party who, in good faith, reported on the illicit behavior are expressly prohibited.

Those who report on acts in bad faith, or maliciously or negligently, which prove to be groundless will be subject to disciplinary action.