A new initiative to improve the wellbeing of our people

For IGD the wellbeing of its employees has a significant impact on the work environment and the ability of individuals to work as effectively as possible. For this reason in April 2017 the Corporate Welfare Plan became operational which aims to spread and promote the pre-existing Positive Actions Protocol and constantly involve all employees in corporate welfare initiatives relating to education and training, recreation, complementary pension plans, social and health services.

With the exception of executives, corporate welfare is provided to all permanent employees who, each year, will receive a fixed amount of money proportioned between full time and part time, in order to increase the wellbeing of individual employees and their local family members, as well as positively influence the organizational structure and the corporate climate.


Since 2017 IGD has provided a Corporate Welfare Plan, which enables employees to access a series of services made available by the company


The aim is to increase the individual wellbeing of the employees and of their immediate family and to have a positive influence on the organisational structure and the atmosphere within the company


All employees on permanent contracts (with the exception of the Directors) are allocated their own budget (which is the same for all and in proportion with regard to full time and part time) which they can use during the year by way of the Portal which is accessed by using their personal credentials.

The Portal contains refund packages and vouchers regarding education and training, recreation, supplementary pension scheme, social and health care.


124 employees made use of the services (out of 126 that were entitled). The categories of services chosen were a reflection of the pandemic situation:

  • «Supplementary Health Insurance» recorded an increase of 6 percentage points, demonstrating it was one of the priorities regarding spending in 2020;
  • There was a decrease in the request for services related to leisure time like fitness, culture, shows, tourism and food and beverage (belonging to the category «Health-Wellbeing-Culture») due to the restrictions imposed by the emergency situation;
  • The category regarding «Family» was once again much appreciated, also thanks to the new services regarding early childhood and assistance introduced on the Portal during the year.


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