We promote the qualitative growth of our employees through training


In IGD we are convinced that in order to be more competitive we must work to continuously improve the professional skills of our people.  IGD works constantly to meet its employees’ needs for training and refresher courses at all levels. Part of the training activities are organized internally, while for more specialized training needs, IGD supports the participation of employees in external refresher courses.

key figures for training in 2018

spent on training per employee
2,037 hours
total hours of training provided
of the employees took part in at least
one training activity in Italy
of the employees took part in at least
one training activity in Romania

In 2018 training focused on professional development, namely on activities and courses designed to improve the specific knowledge and expertise of individuals or groups of employees.

In 2018 the training offered involved:

  • English, with courses being offered to company figures who require this competence in their daily activities;
  • Safety, the hours of safety training represented 40% of the total number of hours for training, reflecting the importance of the topic for the company;
  • Privacy, all employees were trained on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In Romania 52.3% of the employees took part in training activities in 2018. The focus was primarily on professional refresher courses, developing new expertise in commercial areas and a team building project for all the employees