Training and Internships

IGD’s policy is to promote the internal growth of its employees; this approach is supported by a great openness towards young people and recent graduates in order to ensure the presence of the talent needed to grow and foster generational change.  Each year promising new graduates participate in training programs.  The internships, which last for 6 months, are hosted at IGD’s headquarters in Bologna, or in its shopping centers located throughout Italy.

IGD also maintains relationships with different educational institutions, including SDA Bocconi in Milan, the Politecnico in Milan and Bari, the economics department of the University of Bologna, as well as secondary schools.

IGD offers internships to recent graduates, students finishing their degrees, and students in their next to last year of study through work study programs, as well in house training programs.

As of 2013 IGD has also been guest lecturing at La Sapienza University in Rome as part the Architecture Department’s Masters in “Management of retail real estate”.


Paola Augelli
Head of Human Resources