IGD promotes equal opportunities

Women, in IGD and Winmarkt, represent 53.7% (51.8% in Italy and 60% in Romania) of the workforce.

In 2020 the average age of IGD employees in Italy slightly increased from 43 to 44 years, while in Romania it’s stable at 44 years.

Employees by gender (n.)

Employees by group age Italy (%)

Employees by group age Romania (%)

In addition to the supplementary contract of 22 October 2013, IGD signed a new agreement referred to as the “Protocol for the development of positive steps to be taken with regard to equal opportunities, solidarity and reconciling work hours with life space“, and which seeks to reconcile the different needs relating to, for example:


the right to an education, training and cultural advancement,



reconciliation of work hours with life space,



protection and support of maternity/paternity, healthcare commitments, situations of extreme personal and family difficulty,


promotion of gender equality, the fight against discrimination and violations of human dignity,



inclusion of the physically challenged,




support and promotion of social volunteering.




Every employee, therefore, can count on measures and means (which range from time off or paid leave to economic assistance) which can be used in the event of specific personal or family needs.