A reward system which promotes knowhow

We offer both horizontal and vertical career paths.  The ways in which these different paths may be undertaken are clearly defined and shared with personnel.


Compensation policies and bonuses

The purpose of IGD’s remuneration policy is to enhance skills and acknowledge the commitment of all individuals in the course of their professional development within the Group.

IGD has implemented a Management by Objectives (MBO) system based on which shared and individual targets are assigned to employees with permanent contracts in both Italy and Romania. If these targets are reached employees will receive variable compensation or a bonus.

In Italy a skills development system is also active for the middle management and department heads which is associated with merit based pay increases. The evaluation is made based on an assessment of different areas of expertise.  The sharing of the results provides an important feedback on the work done by each individual.


Work-life balance policies

IGD is also very respectful of the needs of its employees with regard to reconciling work with personal and family needs. This focus translates into the adoption of a series of policies designed to promote balance between work and personal lives.

IGD applies the National Collective Agreement for the reference sector and from 2013 it has adopted a second-level Supplementary Corporate Agreement aimed at all Group personnel working in Italy. The Supplementary Agreement establishes several measures in order to formalize a series of good practices aimed at further promoting the work-life balance.


  • Flexibility in working times

We adopt a personnel management and organizational model based on time flexibility, balanced with organizational needs. Each employee can benefit from an hour and a half entry and exit flexibility, as well as hybrid working methods, if the role allows that. We also apply various types of part-time work at the request of the employee, differentiated by percentage and time duration, in support of the work-life balance.

  • Right to study

Our employees enrolled in and attending study courses can access paid or unpaid leave, so as to make it easier to carry out their work and obtain the degree or qualifications.

  • Maternity incentives

The Supplementary Agreement establish some additional maternity support measures such as additional unpaid leave for childcare. In addition, pregnant women are entitled to paid time off for prenatal check-ups and examinations.

  • Medical checks

All our employees are entitled of 3 hours a year of paid leave for medical check-ups. Employees aged 45 or over are granted an additional package of 3 hours per year for check-up and specialist examinations exams.

  • Support measures for personal and family needs

In the event of serious family or personal reasons, each employee can access a period of unpaid leave of up to a maximum of 2 years and a number of hours of unpaid leave of up to a maximum of 2 weeks during the year.

  • Union rights

IGD guarantees a certain amount of trade unions permits per year that can be used by the Company Trade Unione Representatives. Moreover each employee can take part in trade union meetings and IGD is committed in providing all the conditions that facilitate the participation, also remotely.


Starting from 2017, employees can access to the Corporate Welfare Plan for the reimbursement of personal or family expenses in education, training, health, etc.. The aim of the initiative is to have a positive impact on the employees private life.




IGD offers benefit packages in line with the company’s sector which vary based on the position held: from company cars, to mobile phones with subsidized payment plans, as well as different IT tools which facilitate the mobility of some employees. Health insurance is also provided to all of IGD’s employees.