The wellbeing of our employees is a priority for our group

People are key to IGD: we are committed to providing stable employment and a positive work environment for both those who are already working with us and the most promising applicants. We work to promote a stimulating work place, with a particular focus on developing the potential of each individual including through the right training programs.

Our corporate culture revolves around creating and maintaining a sense of community, guaranteeing equal opportunities and promoting diversity.

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Fundamental elements of our corporate culture include recognizing individual growth through a reward system, achieving results, sharing information effectively and providing the training needed to strengthen internal knowhow.


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Promoting people and careers

  • Already in 2013 we signed a “Protocol for the development of positive steps to be taken with regard to equal opportunities, solidarity and reconciling work hours with life space” in order the promote diversity, avoid any type of discrimination (based on gender, age, nationality…) and actively support our employees.
  • We dedicate a lot of attention to training, in order to promote professional growth and improve expertise in specific areas. In 2021 more than 95% of our personnel in Italy and 50% in Romania was involved in at least one training initiative.


Focus on the wellbeing and need of our employees

  • We periodically carry out work environment surveys, which show that our employees’ level of satisfaction is very high.
  • The supplementary labor agreement signed in  2013, which is valid in Italy, provides for a system of benefits in addition to what is provided for in the national labor contract.
  • Our corporate welfare plan  became operative in April 2017. The plan has two goals: better dissemination and communication of all ongoing initiatives; find new initiatives which are of interest to all employees. A dedicated platform was developed for this purpose which makes it possible to access educational and training services, recreational offerings, as well as social and health services.
  • In 2021 IGD and the Trade Unions signed an Agreement to formalise smart working as an experimental process for 9 months, starting from January 2022.