Our mission is to create value for all our stakeholders

Our stakeholders are the people, the companies and the other organisations that add value to IGD, they are influenced by its activities or are otherwise interested in them. We are constantly committed to listening to and to interpreting the foremost needs of our stakeholders, cross-referencing them with the most important issues and integrating them into our strategic priorities.


The environment that surrounds our shopping centres is strongly influenced by them, both during the construction phase, in terms of architectonic impact and use of resources, and during a centre’s life cycle, in terms of energy consumption and exhaust fumes caused by increased traffic.


We maintain constant relations with analysts, investors and rating agencies, in addition to all our Italian and foreign institutional and private shareholders.


Our tenants are those that rent spaces inside our shopping centres and they represent our business counterparts.


They play a fundamental role for IGD as they represent the catchment areas of our shopping centres.


IGD’s employees are a strategic factor in the development of the Group.



The group of IGD’s suppliers is mainly made up of companies that offer services ranging from those that are essential for the management of the centres (security, cleaning etc.), to professional consultants (technical, legal etc.), from the supply of public utilities (water, electricity, gas) to work regarding ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.