What are IGD’s priorities?

Five priority macro-issues emerged from the last materiality analysis carried out in 2017. These represent both the sections covered in the sustainability report as well as the pillars upon which the Group’s strategic planning is based.  Within each macro-issue an overall total of 13 material targets were then identified.

In 2018 IGD carried out a fine-tuning process on its material issues, the aim being to verify the topicality of those identified and to assess the possibility of adding others. The outcome of the analysis confirmed the validity of the material and important issues, the only adjustment recommended being that of transforming the issue “health and safety” inot “wellbeing and safety”. This decision enables the target regarding wellbeing contained in the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan to become more structured.

Sustainable enterprises are those whose corporate strategies and policies include particular focus on the needs of all their stakeholders and on the impacts that their business could have on an economic, social and environmental level.


These five macro-issues and their respective specific targets are portrayed below:



The shopping centres, by their very nature, have an impact on the environment, due to the large amount of energy they consume and to the road traffic generated by their visitors. We are committed to assessing these impacts and identifying actions that are capable of minimizing them both during the construction/restyling phase of the centres and in the management of the structures themselves.

  1. Climate change: our commitment to energy efficiency improvement in our assets has been structured over the years into three strategic areas: monitoring, awareness raising and management and structural actions.
  1. Accessibility and mobility: IGD is working to make it possible for all visitors to travel to the shopping centres in the most suitable way possible for them, in line with their choices and possibilities. We have also defined several actions and commitments aimed at sustainable mobility.



We undertake to behave in a responsible manner towards people. For this reason we are committed to guaranteeing good employment to our employees, also by fostering training programmes that are aimed at continuous skills development. With regard to those that visit our Shopping Centers we place particular emphasis on their health and wellbeing.

  1. Good employment: IGD believes it is important to continue to guarantee occupational stability, which at the same time is characterised by being an attractive place of work both to the employees that currently work for the company and to the best human resources from the outside world.
  2. Gender equality: we conform our actions and activities to the principles of impartiality with regard to our employees, guaranteeing full compliance with the principle of equal opportunities.
  1. Wellbeing and safety: we act in such away as to ensure that our employees work in the best possible conditons; we also place the same attention on the visitors to the malls, by implementing voluntary initiatives, in addidtion to that required by the law, so as to ensure their total safety in our Shopping Centers.



We undertake to operate ethically and to ensure that all the necessary safeguard measures are in place, in order to guarantee compliance with the law both with regard to our own conduct and by positively influencing the context in which we operate.

  1. Governance, ethics and corruption: IGD adopted a governance system aligned with the best practices of listed companies and in line with that contained in the Code of Conduct of listed companies developed by the Corporate Governance Committee of the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana). The Company also undertakes to operate ethically and to ensure that all the necessary safeguard measures are in place, in order to guarantee compliance with the law both with regard to its own conduct and by positively influencing the context in which it operates.



We are committed to constantly increasing the attractiveness of our Shopping Centers. To do this, it is necessary to carefully analyse consumer trends as well as to continuously enhance the internal and external areas of the malls.  We want to ensure that our centres are out and out “Spaces to be lived in”, offering visitors both shopping opportunities as well as moments in which to meet up with others.

  1. Trend analysis: the analysis of current trends is a very important activity which IGD continuously carries out, so as to satisfy as quickly as possible its visitors’ new and changing needs.
  2. Enhancement of the portfolio: one of the main activities we focus on is to continuously adapt our properties, by means of asset enhancement interventions, to ensure that they are in line with the visitors’ needs.
  3. Retail offer: we continuously update the merchandising mix and tenant mix in our centres, in order to meet the visitors’ needs and new consumer trends.
  4. Spaces to be lived in: IGD is committed to ensuring the continuation of the social role of its shopping centres and for this reason it organises events of various kinds, with particular focus on the local area.
  5. Innovation: our aim is to innovate the visitors’ experience within the shopping centres with the support of technology, by following a multichannel strategy of action.



Due to the nature itself of our business, we enter into contact with a variety of stakeholders, both at institutional level and at a more local level. We have established a continuous dialogue with these in order to understand their needs and expectations and to determine their level of satisfaction in terms of decisions made and actions carried out.

  1. Stakeholder engagement: IGD defined a structured plan enabling it to establish a continuous dialogue with its stakeholders, aimed understanding ongoing changes.
  1. Local communities: the shopping centre not only takes on a significant role regarding shopping, but it also becomes a producer of economic development and a place in which to get together for the local community.