Sustainability is an integral part of all our business strategies

We embarked on our structured path to sustainability in 2010, driven by our cooperative background, but also by the belief that the adoption of social responsibility criteria in the shopping center sector would have helped us in pursuing long-term growth. We were also guided by other factors, such as the desire to meet the expectations of our stakeholders with respect to sustainability

As was the case with the last two business plans, sustainability is an integral part of the new Business Plan 2019-2021. Beginning in 2013 IGD’s has, in fact, included economic, environmental and social targets in its business plan and since then there has been a greater focus on sustainability as a tool to be used to create value for all our stakeholders.

We used a structured approach to define the part of the Business Plan relating to sustainability which also called for, among other things, an analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and what we need to do to achieve 9 out of the 17 sustainable goals for the millennium defined by the United Nations.

We included the themes related to sustainability in the Plan which were part of the GREAT acronym presented in the last Corporate Sustainability Report.   “Becoming GREAT” represents the group of material topics that were defined following the revision of the materiality analysis conducted in 2017, which testifies to IGD’s consistent and constant commitment to becoming Green, Responsible, Ethical, Attractive, Together with its stakeholders.