6 March 2019

Letter to the Shareholders

Dear Shareholders, 2018 was a very intense and fruitful year, which marks an important milestone in the growth path that IGD has been pursuing since the IPO in 2005 through today as shown by the value of the real estate portfolio which has quadrupled in the 13 years rising from €590 million to €2,412 million. […]

7 August 2018

The Chief Executive Officer’s point of view

Dear Shareholders, the important results achieved in the first six months of 2018 are adequately reflected in the progression made by the key performance indicators found in the Half-Year Report. In this first part of the year our real estate portfolio has grown significantly thanks to the purchase of a strategic portfolio comprising four shopping […]

18 May 2018

The capital increase successfully completed, IGD finalizes the acquisition of a strategic portfolio in northern Italy for €195.5 million.

IGD’s real estate portfolio is now worth almost €2.5 billion IGD’s Chief Executive Officer, Claudio Albertini, walks us through the steps which in the last five months led to the gathering of €150 million on the stock market and to increasing the Company’s size thanks to the addition of a portfolio comprising four shopping malls […]

18 May 2018

The Chief Executive Officer’s point of view

Dear Shareholders, in these first few months of  2018 IGD posted a series of important results.  After publishing the FY 2017 results which showed strong growth, on 18 April we successfully completed the €150 million capital increase  and were able to then finalize the acquisition of a strategic portfolio comprising four shopping centers and a […]

22 February 2018

IGD’s new marketing plans

Daniele Cabuli, IGD’s Chief Operating Officer and Commercial Director, introduces us to a few structural aspects and methodologies included in the Marketing Plans developed by the Company for each individual shopping center which aim to optimize the investments called for in the budget through effective and consistent allocation across the entire network. Mr. Cabuli, what […]

22 February 2018

Letter to the shareholders

Dear Shareholders, The results presented in your Company’s 2017 Annual Report have never been achieved before. Not only have the record performances recorded in 2016 been surpassed, but it is clear that IGD is well on track to deliver on the Business Plan 2016-2018. A few targets for the end of the plan have basically […]

10 November 2017

The Chief Executive Officer’s Point of View

Dear Shareholders, in the first nine months of 2017 the FFO – the indicator which best measures the effectiveness of our management – reached €49 million. The increase of 22.8% on the first nine months of 2016 is significant and higher than the 17.8% year-on-year increase recorded at 30 June 2017. The operating results indicate […]

7 November 2017

Sustainability – Breaking news

Awards and new challenges Once again IGD receives the EPRA sBPR Gold Award and begins the assurance process for its 2017 Corportae Sustainability Report IGD’s commitment to constantly increasing the transparency and comparability of its sustainability program made it possible for the Company to receive this prestigious international recognition dedicated to quality sustainability reporting. For […]

7 November 2017

A new role for shopping centers in the era of e-commerce

The expanded ESP center is emblematic of the new concept Even though online purchases don’t carry the same weight as they do in other countries, e-commerce is profoundly changing the role of the shopping center.  A role which continues to be central, as long as the property managers are willing to rethink the nature and […]

3 August 2017

The Chief Executive Officer’s point of view

Dear Shareholders, The results for the first half of 2017 show an increase in net profit of 84.6%, as well as a 17.8% rise in FFO. The results are the product of the financial and operating strategies we have developed and consistently implemented over time. The figures recorded at 30 June 2017, which bring us […]