22 February 2018

IGD’s new marketing plans

Daniele Cabuli, IGD’s Chief Operating Officer and Commercial Director, introduces us to a few structural aspects and methodologies included in the Marketing Plans developed by the Company for each individual shopping center which aim to optimize the investments called for in the budget through effective and consistent allocation across the entire network. Mr. Cabuli, what […]

7 November 2017

A new role for shopping centers in the era of e-commerce

The expanded ESP center is emblematic of the new concept Even though online purchases don’t carry the same weight as they do in other countries, e-commerce is profoundly changing the role of the shopping center.  A role which continues to be central, as long as the property managers are willing to rethink the nature and […]

24 July 2017

Many new developments in IGD’s Investor Relations

During the first part of 2017 IGD continued with its Investor Relations’ activities, organizing an intense schedule of meetings which made it possible for top management not only to effectively cultivate relationships with domestic and international investors, but also to meet new institutional investors, interested in knowing more about the Company. IGD decided to include […]

10 May 2017

Message from the newly appointed Chairman

On 19 April 2017 IGD’s BoD appointed Elio Gasperoni Chairman of the Company. Mr. Gasperoni, who over time has held different positions in public administrations and various local institutions, is Vice Chairman of Coop Alleanza 3.0 and has been a member of IGD’s BoD since 2015. The following message is his first contribution to our […]

10 February 2017

The new look of the Winmarkt centers in Romania

Since 2018 IGD has controlled the biggest chain of shopping centers in Romania, Winmarkt, which is comprised of 15 properties located in the historic centers of 13 midsize Romanian cities.  At the end of 2016 the independent appraisers valued this asset portfolio, which includes 14 shopping centers and an office building, at around €165 million. […]