IGD’s stock price up more than 40% since the beginning of the year

Since year-end 2016 to the close on 6 November 2017 the price of IGD’s stock has risen 42.0%, outperforming both the Italian index (+21.5%) and the European real estate sector index (+5%). The stock continues to benefit from the company’s solid fundamentals, which were confirmed in the results at 30 September 2017, and was also […]

Valuation of the stock still attractive even after the recent rise

IGD’s stock price has risen 14.5% from year-end 2016 through the close on 5 May 2017, outperforming both the Italian index and, to a more significant degree, the European sector index. Sustained by the good fundamentals that emerged in the 2016 Annual Report, which will make it possible to pay a dividend of 45 euro […]

Ample room for further upside

Between 8 November, when the last newsletter was published, and the market close on 24 February 2017 IGD’s stock price recovered 7.6%, despite the negative impact of Italy’s perceived country risk. IGD’s stock is trading at a substantial discount with respect to its P/NNNAV 2016 (44%), while the consensus target price is 33% higher than […]